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1. What is the difference between a talent agent and a talent manager? 

A talent manager handles all of the daily rigors of an actor and/or a performer's life. The heart and soul of talent management reside in a manager's ability to guide his individual client personally. Talent agents work for agencies who host a whole legion of other artists. Legally, a talent agent must work out of an office, so his or her sole job is to find his or her client auditions, roles, and sign contracts when an actor finds work. Contrastingly, managers are on the ground providing assistant to his or her client on a weekly basis; or, as needed by the client. Managers are regularly guiding their clients to make good business decisions with all parties involved, which often includes working alongside the client's talent agent to make sure all things are in the better interest of the artist at the end of the day.

2. Is a Talent Manager necessary?

Well, no, that is the short answer. However, there are no roads through Hollywood or any aspect of the entertainment industry named "easy street;" it's an incredibly tough industry to take on, especially alone. There are dozens of daily things an actor should simply not have to worry about all of the time. Does a performer want to speak with his agent on the phone while he or she is doing their job, say, acting in a film? Does an actor want to stress about the petty details of travel arrangements, appointments, and every non-acting related aspect of this business to the tiniest detail on a daily basis? Most importantly, does an actor or an artist want people in his or her corner that he or she can TRUST? Well, I'd say; yes, as would any industry professional giving you good advice. Being a working actor, artist, musician, and so forth is hard enough; it's simply unwise to make it more difficult for yourself by trying to juggle everything alone. Therefore, hiring an acting manager is a smart decision. This industry is tough, and an actor's physiological health is much better when he or she has assistance with non-acting related guidance decisions that are imperative to the artist's career and overall well-being going forward.