A native of 'Southeast Texas,' Cole Williams is a fresh face to the 'Greater Los Angeles Area.' Cole started acting on stage in middle school where he found his passion and solace in life; it was the start of something new and transformative in his early development as a human being. Cole's acting career and ambitions were born in the womb of theatre arts. In 2011, Cole won the Samual French Award for Best Overall Performer in the State of Texas for his portrayal of "Paul Barrow" in the production of Thomas Gibbons' 'Permanent Collection.' Since then, Cole has remained active on stage in the surrounding areas of Southeast Texas.

As a lifelong admirer of motion pictures, Cole recently moved to Los Angeles, CA to begin his voyage into the world of Cinema. Upon his arrival, Cole has participated in several auditions, a few Stand-Ins, and some recent Background work. Cole will be shooting his first feature film in mid-July of 2017; he has only been in L.A. for a very short period of time, so things are looking up going forward!

Acting inspirations: Daniel Day-Lewis, Gary Oldman, and Sean Penn

Cole Williams

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